H.E. Bates is acclaimed for his short stories, novels, and nature essays. Many of his works of fiction were adapted for television or film.

A small amount of Bates's fiction is available online without charge. The newcomer might start with an online story:

    The Woman Who Had Imagination and Other Stories is a collection of early works, and contains several very fine tales, including "The Lily," "The Gleaner," "The Woman Who Had Imagination," "The Wedding," "The Waterfall," and "The Death of Uncle Silas."

    The Daffodil Sky is a collection of excellent stories from the middle of Bates's career.

Bates was highly regarded for his non-fiction as well, especially his essays on the English countryside. The Companion contains full-text of most of the essays. Using Expert Search," and designating "Full-text Online" under "document type," one can see a long list of pieces ranging from social commentary to gardening columns.

Bloomsbury Publishing is publishing all of Bates's stories and some of his novels in an inexpensive eBook series.

Most of Bates's novels, short story collections, and books of essays are available through public libraries or for purchase. Many modern reprints have been published, and used copies of out-of-print books are often reasonably priced. A very good selection of the stories is Love in a Wych Elm and Other Stories.

To learn more about Bates's life, "About H.E. Bates" offers biographical information.

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Paul Machlis
April 2016